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Ice Melt

Empire offers the best selection of professional grade ice melt products based high performance at low temperatures. We also carry ice melt products that are safer for pets, humans and the environment. These products will also cause less damage to sidewalks & driveways when applied as per manufacturer’s instructions.

We want to be your supplier of ice melt products, with prompt service, that will fit your budget at a competitive price!



We stock professional grade ice melt products from leading manufacturers to fit all of your needs.

Empire will be available 24/7 for customer pickup during and after storms. This service not guaranteed to new customers during the storm. Become an Empire customer today .

Spyder Truck Deliveries Available                   Truckload Pricing Available


With the leading brand of spreaders for commercial lawn and turf professionals moving under the same roof as the leader in high-quality lawn and garden equipment, the customer is guaranteed a win! The combined engineering, expertise, training, testing, and overall resources benefit customers from both sectors of the industry.

Core Products

Rock Salt  |  Calcium Chloride  |  “Safer Than Salt”  |  Bulk Salt  |  Magic Salt De-icers  |  Snow Shovels  |  Spyker Spreaders  |  Gloves

Truckload Quantities Available – Call for price quote. 

Tips from the Expert

How well does the pavement perform in freeze and thaw conditions? When the sun and temperature are right, ice and snow on PICPs (Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers) can melt and immediately soak into the pavement surface. Water does not collect on the surface and re-freeze. This reduces slipping hazards. Read More

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