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Spring Lawn Care


Spring Lawn Care Tip  #1Control Thatching

Raking will be your first task of spring lawn care. A thatch build-up of more than 1/2 inch is considered excessive.Thatch is the reason why it is recommended that you rake leaves in the fall.  A deep raking will not only remove leaves but it will also remove thatch, too. Even if you followed this advice in fall, it is still recommended to do a spring raking. Raking at this time, will remove grass blades that have died over the winter, which will eventually become thatch.

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It's Not too late!

You can still get effective pre emergent crabgrass control well into May by applying Turf-Pro Green Up plus Dimension.  The active ingredient, Dimension (Dithiopyr), will control crabgrass up to the three leaf stage. (Crabgrass is just starting to pop in Central NJ).

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The Importance of Soil Testing


Soil testing is economically prudent. The appropriate application of nutrients and/or lime can save money. Don't buy nutrients that your soil doesn't need; instead, invest in those nutrients that will bring about healthy growth and yields. You can get a Soil Testing Kit from your Rutgers Cooperative Extension County Office or download the form from Rutgers website;  and send the samples in your own package with payment. The documents will provide details about taking soil samples and submitting them for fertility analysis. Choose the version under the appropriate category. A questionnaire should be filled out and sent in with each sample.

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Weed Control

weed control

Dandelions are easily controlled but there have been quite a few tough weeds popping up this spring. Henbit has been prolific. The classic three-way herbicides will not be effective with tough weeds such as henbit, ground ivy (pictured), wild violets and thistle.  Turf-Pro Power Zone is a 4 component weed control that will do the job on these tougher weeds and cut down on the expense of call backs.

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Leaking Sprinklers Head

Fall Season

If your sprinkler heads are leaking water after the system has turned off or are on constantly two things may be happening.

The system may be draining water out of the lowest head(s). This leakage will last only a few minutes until the higher pipes in the system are empty of water. (Rain Bird offers the Seal-A-Matic (SAM) check valve to prevent puddling of water in lower heads if this is a real problem.)

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Fungus and Ticks


The major fungus problem in May is Red Thread. Red Thread is an indication of Nitrogen deficiency. Just apply a higher nitrogen fertilizer and the turf will recover and grow out of the disease

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Choosing pavers & wall stone is easier than ever!

Not sure what pavers or wallstone to use? Stop by Empire Landscape Supplies in Plainfield, NJ to see our "great Wall & Walk". 

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