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Weed Control

weed control

Dandelions are easily controlled but there have been quite a few tough weeds popping up this spring. Henbit has been prolific. The classic three-way herbicides will not be effective with tough weeds such as henbit, ground ivy (pictured), wild violets and thistle.  Turf-Pro Power Zone is a 4 component weed control that will do the job on these tougher weeds and cut down on the expense of call backs.

If you choose to apply granular weed control, Turf-Pro Fertilizer plus Viper Weed and Feed is a 3 component weed control that does well on broadleaf weeds. Do not apply when temperatures are above 85°and the turf is not regularly watered

If you have recently fertilized and wish to apply granular weed control, Turf-Pro Lawn Weed Control is an effective application.  This 3 component herbicide has a peanut hull carrier which sticks well to damp weed leaves



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